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The new Thermochrome V6 is here!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We are so excited to announce that the brand new Thermochrome formula- that so many of you have been waiting for- has finally been released!

I don't know about you, but I definitely could use an energy boost these days!

The new Thermochrome formula has gentle, "long burning" caffeine from green tea, yerba maté, and guarana, plus the energy-giving benefits of vitamin B6 to keep your energy sustained through the day (rather than the fast roller-coaster of "jitters and crash" you can get from coffee.) That's the part I'm excited about, but there's more!

It also -as before- promotes thermogenesis (creating heat) that ramps up your metabolism so your food gets used as fuel rather than turned into fat. It uses basically red chili pepper extract to do this (cool!) but the new part is the fancy tech they used to encapsulate the tiny beads (they call them "beadlets"- how cute is that?) of capcaisin (red chili pepper stuff) so that it's release is controlled and doesn't upset your stomach.

In addition to increasing metabolism to burn your food as fuel, it ALSO promotes lipolysis- MELTING THE FAT YOU HAVE! So you can turn your existing fat into fuel, too!

So, sustained energy, increased metabolism, and fat melting- it's a trifecta of awesome!

I just ordered mine- can't wait to try it.

Do YOU want to try some?

We've got samples at the shop, just come in and say "I want to try the new Thermochrome V6!"


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