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Makeup artists needed!

Are you a freelance makeup artist looking for a salon opportunity?

             Did you know that it's against State Law to apply makeup to paying clients without a current aesthetician's or cosmetologist's license?

If you're unlicensed and charging clients FOR YOUR TIME, it's against the law- oh no!

And if you apply makeup to clients in their home, your home, a hotel room, or any other unlicensed facility, you're actually BREAKING THE LAW! (Whether YOU'RE licensed or not.)


Model Applying Lipstick

"So what can I do?" you ask. "I've studied makeup application & techniques forever- I'm AMAZING- but I don't have a cosmetology or aesthetician's license."

            Guess what- if you don't charge for your TIME, but instead DEMONSTRATE products for clients

who will then purchase the makeup to take home and apply themselves,

you do not need to be a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician.

Motives_MUA Pink.png

Luckily, M3 Mall has the solution to your dilemma:

you provide make-overs in our salon,


at no cost to the client,

then YOU earn $ from the sale of the cosmetics!

You earn $ doing what you love, while staying above board with the law!

The BEST PART is that M3 Mall has a beauty salon

WELL STOCKED with a full complement of

Motives Cosmetics' gorgeous foundations, shadows,

lipsticks, eyeliners, highlighters and more,

PLUS clean sanitized brushes of every shape and size

AND disposable single-use tools at your disposal.

M3_Motives Custom Blend.png
pink lips w gold.png

Does this sound like a fit to you?  If that's a "yes", we'd LOVE to meet you right away!

Here are a list of BENEFITS you receive by joining our team:

  • Full access to our beautiful salon space

  • Use of ALL our cosmetics and makeup tools

  • NO chair rental fees

  • Regular training opportunities to up your skill and stay on top of trends

  • A scheduling portal your clients can use to make appointments with you

  • Marketing services, including website, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube,
    radio, and print marketing-
    WE market YOU and bring you clients!

  • Money making opportunity with BIG growth potential

  • A convenient downtown location near parking and shops

  • Wifi and all utilities, plus coffee and vitamin supplement drinks to offer your clients

  • A warm, uplifting environment full of fun supportive women


"I'm licensed and work in a licensed salon, but I'd like to earn more money."

        M3 Mall has a solution for you, too!  

        Become a Motives Cosmetics PARTNER with us, using                  Motives on your clients in your salon, and earn $$$

Ask us how!

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