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Enlisting family and friends in your weight loss effort may help, research suggests.


According to one study, participants who enrolled in a weight-loss program with friends did a better job of keeping their weight off.

In addition to teaming up with friends, these enrollees were given social support

in addition to the standard  program.


Two-thirds of those who enrolled with friends had kept their weight off six months after the meetings ended. In contrast, only a quarter of those who attended

on their own had achieved that same success.


Our private FB group can be that support system of friends that is so important to attaining AND MAINTAINING your goals. We encourage you to post something positive each day - to hold you accountable.  You with water, on a walk, with your supplements, or writing in your journal. 

You can also post your setbacks and frustrations; we're all there for you.


All of our coaches are also on that group, too - and monitor it for questions. 

So you have a team available to answer your questions.  (HOW COOL RIGHT?)


In order for me to invite you - you'll need you to either be Melisa's friend on FB or your coach can invite you.

Melisa's FB page:

Melisa Mistler


The group is secret - so people can't see your posts. 

If you coach invited you - you will need to accept the invite.



Week 1 - Detox

                 with Melisa Mistler

   Plant Now.png

From this weeks to-do list:


1. Take your before photos.

You do not need to share the photos with the group - but let us know you took them.  Send photos to your coach!
(many times TLS will give prizes for great before and after photos - so you should expect success and do this.)

Watch the video in the circle for 5 great tips on taking these photos.

2. "Measure in" using the printable sheet below, add your measurements to your journal, and send them to your coach.

It's also good to use the Body Composition Calculator HERE

3. READ pages 15-17 on detox and fill in your goals and personal stats on pages 12-13.  If you didn't do this last week, POST a photo of your filled-in goals page (pg 12) in our FB group!

4. Watch the two videos on detox

5. Begin the detox food plan, and start using your Jumpstart Kit

 - without the detox kit box, that's next week.

6. Complete your journal pages, starting on page 44 

   (take the Weight Loss Profile to get your free journal download)

7. READ or print out "Detox Details" (in the printable docs below) and watch the Detox Video in the circle.

8. Sign and print the waiver below, and either give to your coach, take a photo and email to your coach, or drop off at M3 Mall.

9. Connect with us: post a photo a day of something you did positive or any questions you have 

Our private facebook group link is:

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 5.22.51 PM.png




Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 5.25.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 9.57.56 PM.png

Looking to next week


Be sure to bring your filled-in Journal to class!

Here's the information for next Monday's call

(we will also be live at M3 Mall)


Getting Started, With Nouchi Xiong

Monday, 10/5, 6pm - at M3 Mall or via zoom.

Overview    What You'll Eat     Coaches     Journaling     Getting Started     Low GI Eating     Labels     Exercise     Metabolism     Solutions

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