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Week 6 - Metabolism

                    With Chris Dunning

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Natural Ways to Boost your Metabolism

While we don’t condone diets and prefer an overall healthy lifestyle, losing weight can be the goal for many people. Diets may seem like the answer, but really, you need to understand your metabolism and what it does for your body. Good eating habits can assist in losing stubborn weight and keeping it off!

  • Get in your Omega-3s: Salmon and other fish are great ways to fuel your body with omega-3 fatty acids, plus you get a protein punch!

  • Gain muscle: Exercising is one of the best habits to have in general and if you do so with gaining muscle in mind, this assists in boosting your metabolism.

  • Eat regularly: Our bodies thrive on consistency. If you eat a large meal and then go for a long period without eating, it can cause our metabolism to slow.

  • Drink water: Staying hydrated is essential, try to drink the recommended amount daily!

  • Incorporate coffee and green tea: These beverages help with metabolism and fat burning

  • HIIT: High intensity interval workouts are perfect for quick and intense bursts of movement, which is key. Try to loop these exercises into your regular workout routine

  • Stand up: Depending on your job, sitting at a desk could be a large part. Make sure to stand and walk around every hour if possible.

  • Catch those Zzzz’s: We all know that getting enough sleep is good for our bodies, stay away from sleep deprivation!

By making these simple changes to your lifestyle, they can help support your metabolism. Make an effort to do these things and eventually they will become healthy habits. Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain a healthy weight, you can do so naturally.


What are your healthy habits to keep your metabolism going strong?

Organic Vegetables

1. Continue to fill in your journal pages

2. Watch the Improving Metabolism video

3. Read Chapter 3 in your journal: pages 84-87

4. Continue eating on your food program.  If you're looking to 

"spice things up", take a look at these dinner recipes!

5. Watch Melisa's playlist of videos related to this week's subject

6. Read the blog (above) on boosting metabolism.

7. Measure in and give measurements to your coach. 

Looking to the next 6 weeks


Overview    What You'll Eat     Coaches     Detox     Journaling     Low GI Eating     Labels     Exercise     Metabolism     Solutions

Although our GROUP classes are now finished,

your transformation journey is not!  

You've gotten started, and know how to eat, exercise, and supplement.

Now it's time for you and your coach to take off the training wheels!

Keep in touch with your coach, and don't forget to


and send them those measurements.

Go to our "Weeks 7-12" page to get your assignments each week.

Keep filling in your journal pages.

Read the remaining chapters in your journal,

and explore more videos on

And keep on posting your success, questions, setbacks, photos,

and triumphs in our Get Fit for Life Facebook group. 

Remember your coach- and our entire TEAM of coaches- are always

here for you.  Don't hesitate to reach out.  We want you to succeed!

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