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Melt fat, gain energy!

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Meet the brand-new formulation of Thermochrome- V6!


  • Increased energy

  • Assists the body in using fat and fatty acids for energy

  • Supports the oxidation of fat for energy

  • Helps to alleviate occasional fatigue

  • Promotes thermogenesis and lipolysis

  • Promotes weight loss

  • May reduce the potential for the body to store fat

  • May help reduce body fat and fat mass

  • May help curb appetite

  • Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels

  • Helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels

  • Contains key ingredients that support normal metabolic functions


I lost 4 inches and 3% body fat in 30 days with Themochrome V6! I absolutely loved the increased energy, strength and stamina that he felt throughout the day, at work, during exercise and in the bedroom!!! Thermochrome V6 is very effective, I can’t wait to order more!!!

  • Oscar Sanchez, IL.

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