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Meet your TLS Coaches

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Melisa is a Transitions Lifestyle (TLS) - Certified Coach, A TLS Challenge winner

(For successfully coaching 10+ students to meet their goal in a 6 month time frame) -

and a client herself.

Melisa was in a near fatal car accident, that during recovery, she had to have teeth removed and drank through a straw, gaining over 100 pounds.

She was not expected to regain full mobility,

and had surgeries pending to install permanent pins in her back.

Melisa, instead, went for a low GI food plan,

exercise, and supplementation- and regained full mobility.

While Melisa lost 100 pounds a decade ago - she claims, now, 10 years older - she finds those pounds often and really loves the support of the accountability group

- and her teaching style is "Let's do this together!".

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Christine Dunning has been a pharmacist for 30 years and works in the oncology department at our local hospital.

She started the TLS 12-week system as a client, and lost over 20 pounds in her first 12 weeks, finally landing at her weight loss goal of 50 pounds!

Due to the significant weight loss, several of her co-workers asked what she was doing, and she realized she could become a TLS® coach and help people achieve their weight loss goals, too.

Chris was recognized by the TLS® program as "Coach of the Month", has completed the FULL TLS Certification, single-handedly led the 12 week series multiple times, and has personally helped dozens of clients reach their goals.  She was also recognized as one of the top 36 coaches in the world

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Many know Teri as an energetic performer; she's the lead singer in 3 different bands, most notably "Invincible", a Pat Benatar tribute band.

Her magnetic personality and high energy has been part of her life since she was very young, including cheer squad and songleader roles in high school.

She started her focus on health, wellness, and fitness way back in the eighties, and has continued this passion all the way to the present: she's a certified personal trainer, a master of exercise, and an expert on the subject of eating right.

In the summer you will find her on the lake water skiing, and on any given day you can find her out on a walk, going for a hike, or dancing with abandon.

Teri is the mom of a grown son and daughter who are the lights of her life.

Teri has just renewed her TLS Coaching commitment and is on her way to becoming a Certified Coach with TLS®.

Watch Teri introduce herself and explain why she's committed to this program in this video:

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Getting Started

A mother of 3 young children with a passion for wellness, Nouchi has extensive training in Isotonix® supplements and the TLS® weight loss system from Market America.

She is certified to work with medical professionals, and has been helping them help their clients with wellness for 3 years.

She specializes in children's wellness products; she wants nothing but the best for her 3 miracles, and believes YOUR children deserve the best health, too.

Our team playfully calls her our "Personal Wikipedia" because of the wealth of knowledge she brings to us!

She's a new TLS coach-in-training, and is well on her way to complete her certification- teaching these classes and coaching clients alongside her mentor is the "field work" portion of the certification.

Like Alison, Nouchi made the choice to become a coach with us after the wellness success she enjoyed during our Get Fit For Life! 14 week program. 

The team is very excited to have her "Wikipedia" brilliance with us throughout the entire 6 weeks- and her "coachees" are looking forward to having her by their sides all the way through week 14.


Reading Labels / Eating Out

Body Masterpiece-Alison_edited.png

Relatively new to the TLS system, Alison has been an athlete her entire life (as well as the artist you're familiar with).  Practicing everything from gymnastics to contortion to professional wrestling, Alison has spent a lifetime in the pursuit of health and strength.  She's an RKC certified personal trainer, and has studied the health teachings of

Dr. Schultze since 1995, and Paul Chek since 2007. 

After the difficult birth of her son, Alison found it difficult to move her body in the ways she was used to, and in her late 40s, changing hormones and stress quickly added up to extra weight that began affecting her quality of life.

She discovered TLS through her partnership with Melisa, and was delighted to find that the system aligned with everything she'd spent years studying about in her years as a personal trainer. She's currently enjoying the beginnings of success

in the Detox and Fat Burning phases of the program.

She's been an obsessive label reader for over a decade-

"You wouldn't believe the junk they try to sneak in there!".  


Low Glycemic Eating

Julie fell in love with the science behind the program - and immediately made being part of a wellness class fun and exciting.  Her background is in teaching, and this provides incredible leadership for all of our classes.  It's because of Julie that we inevitably end up laughing a lot (which is good for the soul- AND the abs!)

Julie has been coaching with TLS ® for 3 years and has helped numerous clients, including herself. She's had some injuries along the way that slowed down her personal goals - but she has always come back to help her clients and the coaching team.  

Her passion for helping others shows every single day. Julie has taught the full 12 week class on multiple occasions and we are very fortunate to have her back

to discuss Low Glycemic Index foods.

              Julie has won numerous awards with our parent company, Market America,

and she can help us ALL save money (AND earn cash back!) on anything we are buying: food, household items, and more. Smart shopping for Low GI foods is part of this program - and we all have to buy other things, too - so take time to ask Julie for some frugal shopping tips along the way.  Julie is a mom to 4 boys, a grandmother to 3 girls, and is currently taking care of her mother, too.  Needless to say, Julie has a full plate this season, so we are extremely thankful she's "squeezed us in" to lend her coaching expertise to our team of coaches- AND to YOU- this series.

CMT, Nutrametrix Consultant, TLS Coach, Professional speaker, and retired Agricultural Commission of Sealer of Weights and Measures for Nevada County

Jeff is an incredible coach with M3 Mall's Get Fit for Life 14-week program.

A trained Bowen Therapist for 10 years, Jeff is also trained in Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, and Reiki.
After retirement, Jeff developed a passion for learning and education with health, wellness, weight loss, and immunity. 

With hundreds of hours of training in nutrition and supplementation, Jeff is able to combine his diverse set of skills, licenses, certifications, and passions into a (literally) "hands on" set of solutions that help his clients find answers to their unique wellness needs.

Jeff was introduced to the Isotonix line of supplements through his wife, who had tremendous success using them.  He subsequently fell in love with them, too, and serves the community by sharing his knowledge to help others.
Jeff states, "It is rewarding for me to see how my therapies help relax people by relieving tension and aches in their muscles, and to be able to give them additional health information and supplementations that support a healthier lifestyle between appointments."

Alteration Expert and owner of Fabric Boutique and Bridal, Gaylene has found that her main clientele (brides), are usually looking for a quick fix for skincare and weight loss. 


She has partnered with the M3 Mall team to provide these services.  Seeing that her brides' results were so incredible, she decided to dedicate hundreds of hours to trainings in our Nutrametrix and TLS lines so she could help them even more.  Now she laughs, as many of her brides no longer need her alterations to "let out" gowns - because they have reached their goal weight. 

Gaylene is such an advocate for health, wellness, and learning, she quickly rose to be our top customer service partner in just her first few months as a TLS coach.  She has several awards on the wall, and been asked to speak on nation-wide zoom calls to share how she has accomplished so much for so many at a time when most of the country was "closed". 

Gaylene has struggled with weight for years and tried many programs.  So far on TLS she has lost several pounds & inches, and is moving well towards her goal - and has found health and happiness on this journey. She invites others to join her.

She says, "This was the first program that focused on learning how to eat properly - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. And with the education and accountability groups, I know that together we can help everyone!"  

Overview    What You'll Eat     Journaling     Detox     Getting Started     Low GI Eating     Labels     Exercise     Metabolism     Solutions

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