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Meet your TLS Coaches


Melisa is a Transitions Lifestyle (TLS) - Certified Coach, A TLS Challenge winner

(For successfully coaching 10+ students to meet their goal in a 6 month time frame) -

and a client herself.

Melisa was in a near fatal car accident, that during recovery, she had to have teeth removed and drank through a straw, gaining over 100 pounds.

She was not expected to regain full mobility,

and had surgeries pending to install permanent pins in her back.

Melisa, instead, went for a low GI food plan,

exercise, and supplementation- and regained full mobility.

While Melisa lost 100 pounds a decade ago - she claims, now, 10 years older - she finds those pounds often and really loves the support of the accountability group

- and her teaching style is "Let's do this together!".

Getting Started, Supplementation

Christine Dunning has been a pharmacist for 30 years and works in the oncology department at our local hospital.

She started the TLS 12-week system as a client, and lost over 20 pounds in her first 12 weeks, finally landing at her weight loss goal of 50 pounds!

Due to the significant weight loss, several of her co-workers asked what she was doing, and she realized she could become a TLS coach and help people achieve their weight loss goals, too.

Low Glycemic Eating

Bio coming soon


Bio coming soon.

Reading Labels

Relatively new to the TLS system, Alison has been an athlete her entire life (as well as the artist you're familiar with).  Practicing everything from gymnastics to contortion to professional wrestling, Alison has spent a lifetime in the pursuit of health and strength.  She's an RKC certified personal trainer, and has studied the health teachings of

Dr. Schultze since 1995, and Paul Chek since 2007. 

After the difficult birth of her son, Alison found it difficult to move her body in the ways she was used to, and in her late 40s, changing hormones and stress quickly added up to extra weight that began affecting her quality of life.

She discovered TLS through her partnership with Melisa, and was delighted to find that the system aligned with everything she'd spent years studying about in her years as a personal trainer. She's currently enjoying the beginnings of success

in the Detox and Fat Burning phases of the program.

She's been an obsessive label reader for over a decade-

"You wouldn't believe the junk they try to sneak in there!".  

Overview    What You'll Eat     Journaling     Detox     Getting Started     Low GI Eating     Labels     Exercise     Supplements     Solutions

133 Neal St.  Grass Valley, CA 95945

530-205-8462       melisa@m3mall.biz

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