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Week 2 - Getting Started

                    With Nouchi Xiong




M3 Mall has partnered with the TLS program (Transitions lifestyle system)

because of their science-based approach to weight loss. 

The idea is this is NOT a diet; it's all about learning, accountability and SCIENCE. 

Do check out their tabs, recipes, exercises, success stores and more.

TLS Slim


When you take your Weight Loss Survey, you'll be given a food plan to follow:  Detox, Sure and Steady (SS), Rapid Results (RR), Fat Shredder (FS), Continued Commitment (CC) - look for these abbreviations in the recipes.




1. Read the Introduction in your journal, pages 7-11

2. Watch Melisa's YouTube playlist, including the "Getting Started Overview",

  plus some other short videos related to this week's topic

3. Watch the video about our TLS Nutrition shakes 

4. If you haven't done so already, take the Weight Loss Profile quiz and

    the Nutriphysical Nutritional Analysis quiz.

5. Prepare for next week's class by reading the TLS blog post about Low Glycemic Impact eating, and why it's the backbone of the TLS system.

6. Continue on your detox food plan, continue using your Jumpstart kit items, and START THE DETOX KIT BOX.

7. Fill in your journal, pages 1-7 for "detox".

8. Download the Kahoot app to play fun games with the group and win prizes!

   (see instructions below)

Looking to next week


Overview    What You'll Eat     Coaches     Detox     Journaling     Low GI Eating     Labels     Exercise     Metabolism     Solutions

Be sure to bring your filled-in Journal to class!

(we will also be live at M3 Mall)

Low Glycemic Eating, With Julie Wheat

Monday, 10/12, 6pm - at M3 Mall or via zoom.


Download the Kahoot app to play a fun quiz game with the 

whole class. Top quizmasters get prizes!

Setup instructions:

download  ->  no need to set up an account! 

It will ask you to answer 2 questions:

1) How do you want to play?  Answer "As a student".

2) Your age.

That's it!

When we're ready to play, Melisa will give you a game PIN 

to get you into our game.x

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