Meet the M3 Mall Team

M3 Mall is partnered with a worldwide product brokerage company,

allowing us to ship FREE worldwide!

Our diverse group of leaders are located up and down the West Coast,

from San Diego to Washington state. 

With offerings from virtually every industry- weight loss to cosmetics to home care and more- the M3 Team is able to deliver fabulous products with great customer service across the country and the globe.

Meet your M3 Mall Team!

Grass Valley


M3 Owner and Founder 

Certified TLS coach, Motives Cosmetics trainer of the year, 3-time Best of Nevada County's "Makeup Artist of the Year", and Professional Coordinator

M3 Queen, Fundraising Coordinator

Grass Valley

   Bonnielee  Josephson

Grass Valley

Skin care consultant

shopping annuity master member, concierge representative

     Julie  Wheat

     Shelby  Vintere

Grass Valley

Photographer, graphic artist


TLS Coach, Personal trainer, professional vocalist and lead singer in Pat Benetar tribute band  "Invincible"

     Teri  Alison

Grass Valley

Aromatherapy and Essential

oils specialist and M3 Queen, with a Bachelor's Degree in horticultural studies

     Gale  Pylman

     Xochitl  French


Certified Motives beauty advisor, makeup artist, Spanish-Speaking liason, paralegal

Grass Valley

M3 Queen, Motives beauty advisor , makeup artist, and licensed phlebotomist

     Sharee  Daley

     Carol  Reed

Nevada City

TLS Coach, Pharmacy tech

Nevada City

Clinical pharmacist specializing in wellness for MS clients

     Kathleen  Black


Motives beauty advisor,

Legal secretary

    Alejandra  Lara

Grass Valley


Pharmacy tech

     Shelly  Weddle

     Yuri  Sanchez


Motives beauty advisor, Legal secretary

     Gisela  Porter

Santa Rosa

Web Design, Social Media, customer relations, Instagram Coach

Grass Valley

Grass Valley

Certified TLS coach, Isotonix Consultant, licensed pharmacist

     Chris  Dunning

     Sheila Keene

Grass Valley

     Joyce Stogner

Grass Valley

S.N.A.P. consultant, M3 Queen

Grass Valley

Nutrimetrix consultant, Isotonix consultant, Licensed massage therapist

     Jeff  Pylman

     Nouchi Xiong


Nutrimetrix Consultant, HR specialist, M3 Queen


Nutrimetrix Consultant, Registered ER nurse, licensed colon hydrotherapist, and massage therapist

    Angela Wallimann

   Doris  McCallie

Santa Maria

Certified Motives beauty advisor, licensed makeup artist, certified Master International Makeup Professional

   Stefanie Bond


M3 Queen, Pet health specialist

Grass Valley

TLS coach, Registered nurse

   Emily Phillips

   Enrique Lozano


     Kathy  O'Connor

San Diego

ACSM Certified

personal trainer

     Anzell Gonzales


133 Neal St.  Grass Valley, CA 95945


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