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Week 4 - Reading Labels

                    With Alison Kenyon

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As if I am heading across the Mohave, it has become a habit to pack a small cooler or soft cooler bag of healthy and yummy items. Even if I think I am going to be “on the go” for a couple hours. It may seem a bit much to some, but those looking to lose weight or stay healthy know it’s a slippery slope when you go too long without eating. When quick errand run turns into hours out and the “Hanger” (huger and anger) is setting in and a gas station stop or Drive Thru seems like the only way you or your family are going to survive…


To prevent the derailing of my healthy routine I have a few easy snack ideas you can pack for on-the-go. I never leave home with out a boiled egg – natures perfect snack and a shaker bottle and baggie of my Chocolate or Vanilla TLS nutrition shake – fantastic in just 8 oz of water. With 19 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber and 22 essential vitamins and minerals – it never disappoints and always does the job. Filling and delicious.


If I know I am going to be out longer- 1/2 day or a road trip- here are my COOLER must-have’s!

  • A big container of cut up veggies and a container of hummus

  • Individual Tuna packets or pre-make your tuna salad and pre-cut up cucumber slices to scoop it up like chips

  • Chicken salad (if you don’t like Tuna)

  • Fresh Fruit – apples , pears, oranges, bananas, grapes

  • Organic Peanut Butter – to put on apple, banana or pear slices is the best.

  • Organic Turkey slices wrapped around a pickle – seriously, if you have never tried it…

  • A couple sparkling waters.

  • Note; these are RAPID RESULTS, SURE & STEADY & CONTINUED COMMITMENT TLS program friendly 

Remember to throw in some paper towels and utensils and be sure to watch serving

and portion sizes.

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

You can have it all, tasty, healthy and fit for this summer’s adventures without feeling deprived.

A little preparation goes a long way.

You are worth it!

Fresh Veggies

1. This week you switch to your food program:  Fat Shredder, Rapid Results,

   Sure & Steady, or Continued Commitment

2. Continue to fill in your journal pages, starting pg 66

3. Watch the Reading Labels video

4. Watch the Wellness 101 video (25 minutes) that talks about FOOD FRAUD, and how labels can be 20% off!

5. Read Chapter 2 in your journal: pages 62-65

6. Watch Melisa's YouTube playlist, with some short videos related to this

   week's topic. 

7. Your Jump Start kit is almost done... it's time to order your Stay Fit Kit

   to be sure you don't run out of anything!  Use the link, add to your 

   auto-ship, or order through your coach. 

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Looking to next week


Overview    What You'll Eat     Coaches     Detox     Journaling     Low GI Eating     Labels     Exercise     Metabolism    Solutions

Be sure to bring your filled in Journal to class!

Here's the information for next Monday's call

(we will also be live at M3 Mall)

Exercise, with Teri Alison

Monday, 10/26, 6pm - at M3 Mall or via zoom.

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