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Ready to Turn Over a New Leaf?

Have you been following my wellness journey and thinking, "I need to make some lifestyle changes, too"?

Are you ready to reset and fall into healthier habits?

Do you need or want some accountability and fun while doing so?

Gather some co-workers, friends or family and let’s get started. .

Mark your calendars for the M3 Mall Get Fit for Life's "Fit for Fall" promotion.

M3 Mall's "Get Fit For Life" program will be hosting a FREE 6-week, "Fit for Fall" class and accountability group, and going through the Lifestyle Transitions Program together. 

The official start date is September 28th.

Sign up here

This is the program I've been following, and it is open to everyone – the public, personal trainers, and their clients. 

M3s "Fit For Life" program is NOT a "diet".

It's a guide for permanently changing your lifestyle and habits- INCLUDING stress management, sleep quality, water intake, exercise, mindset, and more.

(your wellness journey is not just about food)

We NEVER count calories.

We NEVER let you go hungry.

You'll eat as much nutritionally dense REAL food (from your grocery store, not a factory) as you want.

We will be sharing videos with tips, resources, recipes and more on a daily basis, and meeting via Zoom every Monday at 6pm.

Not only will you have the support of our Certified Trainers and Coaches to help answer your questions – taking the guess work out what to do and when- but you'll have the support network of everyone in the program, giving you the encouragement and accountability that's so integral to long-term success.

There is power in a group doing something together at the exact same time, creating community, accountability and of course, fun. Once you sign up for the class, follow along with our Private Facebook Group to support our Fit for Fall Participants!

Whether you are looking to get back on track, swap some extra fat for lean muscle, keep your current wellness journey's momentum up, or enhance your existing health routine, the "Fit for Fall" course is a perfect way to launch your goals and get the results you desire. We are excited and can’t wait for it to begin!

Here's that link again to sign up for the FREE class

Start HERE with some resources to help you prepare for the start of class.

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Alison Kenyon
Alison Kenyon
Nov 08, 2020

I am so loving feeling younger, stronger, and having more energy!


Nouchi Xiong
Nouchi Xiong
Sep 27, 2020

So awesome watching your journey and learning from you. Can’t wait to work more along side you!


Melisa Mistler-Yates
Melisa Mistler-Yates
Sep 27, 2020

So proud of you - you are doing amazing Alison!!!!

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