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The Importance of Recognition

Does this meme sum up how recent events are making you feel?

What are you giving up to keep others safe?

Families are canceling Thanksgiving. We've had to cancel weddings and put off visiting our beloved seniors; everything is changing.

Living in uncertainty like this is taking its toll on many of us. Depression, alcohol use, and stress are on the rise. What can WE do about any of this?

I obviously don't have all the answers. But what I DO know, is that there is power in connection and in recognition.

Now it is more important than ever to give accolades to the people in our lives who have put on their "big girl panties" and said, "I'm doing this."

Maybe you know someone who has taken a giant leap and started a new business.

Or who has done a complete pivot to keep her business... in business.

Let's take this moment to shine a light on these accomplishments- let's give our friends a big, rousing, "ATTA GIRL!"

Who do YOU know that has risen above and thrived, despite our terrible situation?

What have they done that's remarkable?

We would LOVE for you to scroll to the bottom of this essay, to the comment section, and tell us all about them.

Tell everyone what an amazing job they're doing in the face of this terrible year!

Our own team here at M3 Mall has been making great strides- we are so proud!

So this Saturday we'll be having a safe celebration to recognize their accomplishments.

Let's ALL make this Saturday a day to say "Well done!" to the people who deserve a pat on the back. Enjoy reading this great article about Team Recognition from Software Advice:


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