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Cleansing Potassium Broth

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Alison here with something I'm super excited to share with you!

I've been making this cleansing and building broth for almost 20 years,

and it's almost like magic.

This is a powerful broth that is a must if you're doing any kind of fast or cleanse.

It will not only help you feel full and satisfied if you sip on it throughout the day,

but it's PACKED with concentrated amounts of vital minerals.

AND it's delicious.

It will flush your system of toxins, acid, and mucous, and build up your vitality.

Fill a large pot with:

• Peelings of five potatoes

• Peelings of five carrots

• Five whole chopped beets

• Two chopped whole onions

• Five large cloves of garlic

• Five chopped stalks of celery

• Remaining dark beet greens


You don't want to consume any immune suppressive herbicides, pesticides,

or inorganic chemical fertilizers.

You're flushing toxins, not adding them!

Cooking Instructions:

• Add hot peppers to taste

• Add enough distilled water to just cover the vegetables

• Simmer on low for 1-4 hours

• Strain and drink only the broth

You'll have enough for two days- keep refrigerated.


What a crazy time it's been! How has your health and wellbeing fared?

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1 Comment

Alison Kenyon
Alison Kenyon
Nov 08, 2020

this broth is amazing! It keeps me feeling full, and it's so so yummy!

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