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Quick Soup Any Time!

I love poached eggs- that's how this all started!

Once, I decided to poach my eggs in broth, because I hated dumping out all the bits of egg white that were left behind in the water after a regular poach.

(I hate wasting food!)

That's how this recipe was born, and it's continued to evolve over the years.

In the mornings, I need a quick easy way to get my protein and my veggies in one simple dish that's WARM- that doesn't leave me with a bunch of utensils to wash.

(Having WARM foods in the morning is important to get your internal furnace - your metabolism, or "agni"- burning bright for the day. And eating cold foods will leave you feeling more hungry, no matter how much you eat.)

The "recipe" changes depending on what I have around the fridge and pantry.

Sometimes I add mushrooms, or leftover roasted veggies.

Some days I grate ginger into my broth.

On another day, I might add some Bragg's Aminos for deeper flavor.

When I have lemons around, lemon juice goes in (you've GOT TO try this! It's amazing)

This recipe is SO simple, that it became my easy, fast, low clean-up breakfast while I was road-tripping and camping across the country with my young son.

Here's the MOST BASIC version- but experiment and add things, according to what you've got hanging around.

1c vegetable broth or lean meat stock (chicken, turkey)

(I've also made this soup with homemade rabbit stock, and it was SPECTACULAR!)

1c filtered water

2 eggs

2-3c baby greens (baby arugula, spinach, and kale are all wonderful)

1Tbsp olive or avocado oil

pinch salt

Just get your liquids up to a simmer, and add your oil and eggs.

You can leave them whole, or break them up with a fork and swirl them around

While they cook, fill a good-sized bowl with your greens

I consider a "handful" of greens to be about a cup.

- Here's where you can add your optional ingredients:

grated garlic/ginger

roasted broccoli

roasted cabbage

Bragg's Aminos


lemon juice

your favorite spices

chili sauce (make sure it doesn't have sugar!)

When you eggs are cooked through, pour the contents of your pot over your bowl of baby greens.

The greens will wilt a bit, and you'll be left with a delicious nourishing anytime soup.

Other options:

You can add other goodies to your greens, like fresh cilantro, lime juice, and bean sprouts (these are more delicate, so you don't want to add them to the pot)


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