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Thoughts on Immunity

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Dr. Deedra Mason, Director of Clinical Education & Research for Market America and - has been providing us with so many great blogs and trainings. 

In just one weekend I spent over 10 hours on zoom trainings with her! 

They were phenomenal and so interesting. 

I want so much to help others, and be the safest I can be, too. 

Here's her Immunity Blog

In many ways I feel like this time has been like being back in college; I'm attending so many classes - and sharing notes with my peers! 

We are all washing our hands and wearing our masks, and we know we need to try our best to sleep well, eat colorful vegetables, ... but what else can we do? 

I think seeing for yourself - adding Vitamin C and Antioxidants provides a great help on a budget.  Our Isotonix Vitamin C and OPC 3 - provide a high quality supplement with almost instantaneous absorption. 

I used to catch every cold or flu that went around back when I worked in an office with cubicles.

It was EXHAUSTING! Then about 20 years ago I started taking the OPC3 - and haven't had a cold since.  So I've definitely become a true believer. 

Our Isotonix line also has an immune-boosting supplement that strengthens the body's natural immune responses. Isotonix® Immune

They have a kid's version, too, called DNA Miracles Immune. It's designed to support your child’s innate immune cells, promoting engagement of the natural immune response. (And it's vegan)

Gut health has a lot to do with immunity too - I found this so interesting in Dr. Dee's blog!!! 

For promoting optimal gut health, Isotonix Digestive Enzymes is one of my favorites.  It's formulated to help you break down your food more efficiently and completely, so you get maximum nutrition from the food you eat. You can take it with every meal, take it once a day, or as needed. 

The Kiwi Strawberry Ultimate Aloe Juice is another option that promotes good gut health- and it tastes so yummy!!! 

Together, by staying home as much as possible, wearing our masks whenever we go out, eating right, sleeping well, and taking the right supplements, we can flatten the curve (and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe). If we can do all this and keep our wits about us, hopefully we just might come out the other side of this a little more educated, a little better rested, and with an even stronger immune system than before. 

Dr Dee says - "Building Community Strengthens Immunity". 

I just love that!!! 

So, my closing tip is: find a way to serve others in this time.

You just might see that that's what will provide the best health boost for our mental wellness.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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So important to build immunity year round with these amazing products. The delivery system is like no other with Isotonix!

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