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Battling the Dreaded "Maskne"?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Are you one of us who is working with the public every day- running your own shop, checking out groceries, serving in a restaurant, or taking care of others- and wearing a mask daily, for hours on end?

Has your skin started to pay the price, in the form of rashes and/or acne?

Mine sure has!

I'm 53 and worried about fine lines, sagging skin, and aging... but now - with the masks - I feel like I'm back in Jr High- fighting acne, blemishes and pimples.


The technical term for maskne is "acne mechanica,"

and is the result of the mechanical friction of fabric against the skin.

It's not new — sports figures who wear helmets and chin guards are quite familiar with such breakouts.

We all have these tiny little hair follicles on our face, chest and back, and wearing any kind of a mask or protective equipment that's creating friction and pressure can irritate the hair follicles and result in an acne flare.

Our faces, unlike the rest of our body, are not used to wearing fabric against the skin.

The rubbing of the clothes on our body's skin doesn't usually cause irritation.

But our FACES are NOT used to that - it creates an irritation - and either the fabric or the detergent

(or both) starts messing with the skin on our face.

(Hence the shout out below to our fabulous "free and clear" laundry soap)

I finally said "enough" and put together a regimen that I knew would work- I've used all these products at one time or another over the past 20 years, and I know how great they all are individually.

I knew they'd make a great team!

The Skintelligence® Cleansing Emulsion and pH Normalizer spray are tried and true staples in my daily skin care regimen, but these are not normal times for my poor face. I knew I needed a few extra weapons in my arsenal.

The first one I KNEW I had to add was the Anti-Blemish Lotion by Timeless Prescription®.

This is an excellent overnight spot treatment for pimples and irritation (even bug bites). Containing powerful active ingredients such as calamine and salicylic acid, it's the perfect salve to calm irritated skin associated with acne.

Then I thought about what else my skin might need. I thought about all the dead skin cells piling up, dulling my complexion as the mask was forcing them back into my pores and clogging them up. That gave me a lightbulb moment- I needed a good microdermabrasion product! The best one I know of is Fixx® Microdermabrasion Cream. My old dead skin cells were basically polished away.

Now that I had my skin sparkling clean, I had to figure out how to keep it from getting re-irritated.

It's like an invisible glove between your skin and the cloth.

Within five minutes of application, ClearShield creates an invisible barrier over the skin. It does not wash off like lotions or skin creams.

This invisible barrier is a unique blend of three silicones in a combination that is effective at repelling many water-soluble and oil-soluble irritants, as well as the irritation from mechanical friction.

ClearShield allows the skin to breathe and perspire normally, and contains Aloe and vitamin E to help moisturize and soften the skin with use.

So here's the regimen I suggest... (from personal experience)... I am not a skin care specialist, but I have access to amazing skin care products and a huge determination to find results. 

1.  Wash your mask 3 times before wearing it - let's get all of the "yuckies" out of the fabric

- and the germs from the seamstress, the sales rep, the packing etc. 

Wash it in hot water for 25 minutes each time. 

2.  Wash your face (TWICE) before bed with the Skintelligence cleanser

as one step and the Fixx microdermabrasion as the next.

3.  At night, use the Timeless Prescription Anti Blemish clay on the blemishes / Sleep.

4.  In the morning, wash your face (TWICE) again with the Skintelligence cleanser...

5.  Use the PH Normalizer

6.  Use the Clearshield (skin protectant).

As you know, I was having pretty bad reactions to wearing a mask all day for 100+ days, and my skin was a mess.

After just 3 days on this regime my skin started to recover.

I'm now on day 15 without one issue- and counting!

Here's a video I created to tell you about my "maskne" troubles and journey back to clear skin.

I believe so much that this regimen will help you, that for the month of July I want to offer all these products together as a single kit, at a special "bundle" price compared to purchasing each item individually.


And if you pay with Facebook Pay, we can waive the credit card fee that's usually included in the price, making it just $99.95 + tax.

This means just ordering the kit via Facebook message- simple!

Look forward to hearing from - and helping- you!

And don't forget to take our skin care survey. By doing this - you are entered in to a drawing to win

a 15-day supply of collagen peptides.

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1 Comment

The Timeless Prescription Anti Blemish lotion has been a lifesaver to my maskne. Such a great product!

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