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Updated: May 14, 2020

At M3 Mall... we really DO... DO IT ALL!!!

Is there something you NEED, but are struggling to find- either because you're not leaving the house, or because stores are low on supply? How may we help you the most?

Since we do it ALL, we can most likely help you find the product or service you need!

For example, we have 48 hand sanitizers coming in this week.              

The first 48 people to "call dibs", that's who gets them...       

We are NOT marking up the items

We are selling to our community at our cost for toilet paper, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and flushable wipes

These are just a few of the ways that we've been serving our community these last few weeks:

1.  FREE personal shopping - We will shop locally or on the internet to find the things on your shopping list     - Items can include: toilet paper, fruit, veggies, meat, flour, yeast...

what do you need?

2.  FREE delivery     - Any of the items we purchase locally - or have at our studio - can be delivered FREE in Western Nevada County.     - Any of the items we carry in our online store that aren't in stock at our GV location - can be shipped anywhere in the US for free.     - These include items like, hand sanitizer, hand protectant (Clearshield), foaming hand soap, Vitamin C

3.  Hard to find items      - We are searching daily for the essentials - and ordering them for you!      - New items are arriving daily.  If something's on it's way and you let us know you need it, WE SAVE IT FOR YOU!

- Our latest arrivals include Snap household disinfectant, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer spray ready for pickup RIGHT NOW

4.  Masks

- Gaylene Miller is making 80 masks a day for $2 each. ($4 for custom fabrics)               These are pre-order - and pick up only.               Order the qty in 3 sizes: Ladies Adult, Mens Adult or Child.               Common questions on the masks have been answered here 5.  Classes

- helping you save while you shop- click here to learn more!               6.  Safe Payment

- We are taking payment over Facebook to eliminate the stress of person to person               money exchange: making change... going to the bank... STRESSFUL!        - Facebook is not charging any fees, allowing us to pass the savings on to you!

Our goal is to keep everyone safe and to help as much as possible. Of course we hope that by offering you FREE shopping, FREE delivery, and NO mark up NOW, you will remember us when the town opens back up for "full speed" business. How to start:    1.  Send your shopping list via email to:    2.  Be as specific as you can, but available stock is changing daily,

so let us know if you're open to whatever brand is available     3.  Let us know which you prefer: safe pick up in downtown GV, free shipping,

or free local delivery.      NOTE: It is a crazy time and sometimes things are back ordered. We do our best. Curious? Check out a video of a daily order here

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