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What are you planning for the Mom in your life?

Mother's Day is just a few days away, do you have a plan?

If your answer is "no", that's okay- we have you covered!

We have put together some sweet packages that Mom will just ADORE!

Some that focus on cosmetics, some on skin care, and some on pampering.

And a few that also include jewelry!

The really cool part is that with every package, your Mom will receive a 60 minute,

customized, one-on-one via Zoom with Nevada County's "Makeup Artist of the Year"!

And it doesn't even have to correlate to the gift she got- maybe she got the Spa Pamper Package, but she wants to know more about skin care or reducing fine lines...

Or maybe she got the Skin Care package but wants to learn some new makeup tricks or find out what colors look best on her...

That 60 minutes is HER TIME- whatever she feels she wants to work on or learn about!

Oh, here's the OTHER really cool part... we've put all the packages together as gift cards- all decorated with sparkles and flowers and super pretty. Then all she needs to do is get in touch with us, pick out her favorite items and colors from our website, and we will SHIP them to her for FREE!

Live out of town- or across the country? NO PROBLEM!

We will email you a high res file of the gift card for you to print and decorate at home- or email to your Mom- and she'll still get her selections shipped to her FREE!

Take a look at the bundles we've hand selected for you here, or purchase a "dollar amount" gift card that she can redeem in our shop (with FREE SHIPPING).

Happy Mother's Day!

-- Guest blog by Alison Kenyon

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