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He is Risen

He IS Risen -

Have you ever wondered why it's not "he HAS risen"?  (see ps below)

This is definitely one unique Easter, for sure.

Many of us are experiencing more fear, uncertainty, grief, loneliness, and anxiety than normal.

Today we won't be meeting in the joyful large groups we're used to on this special day- for mass OR to hunt for colored eggs.


But hopefully you will have more time to really look in to the meaning of Easter. 

Perhaps knowing the meaning of that empty tomb can subdue those fears and give you a new hope. That is my prayer for you, and for the World, this Easter. 


I am so thankful that both of my late grandmothers, Louise & Elaine, lived a life with a close relationship to Christ. 

I grew up in the protection of their prayers. 


 At the age of twelve I officially accepted Christ and followed in baptism. 

The promises in the Bible are what I claim daily.

I am so thankful for His grace and continued forgiveness, and the KNOWLEDGE that all my sins were nailed to the cross that dark Friday. 


Happy Easter  - please let me know if I can pray for you as we celebrate in a risen savior.



ps: “His is risen” means that the state of being risen is ever continuing.

He has and is still.

(If you were to say, “he has risen”, rising would be in the past. It wouldn't accurately describe his eternal state of BEING risen.)

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Yes He IS Risen. Always will be ever continuing.

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