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Hunting for Hand Sanitizer?

We're working super hard over here to make sure you'll never be without hand sanitizer!

Because of erratic (and sometimes panicked) purchasing patterns, hand sanitizer has been hard to come by since early March. Sometimes we would have it in the shop, sometimes it would be on back order from our supplier because THEY couldn't get their "hands" on any, either. (see what we did there?)

So what they've done- to make sure that WE can always get YOU hand sanitizer when you need it-

is they've brokered deals with a couple new brands. That way, between the three we will always have at least one kind of hand sanitizer available to you.

We have Shopping Annuity Brand (our "classic" line), which is 63% alcohol and also contains moisturizers and Vitamin E.

A couple weeks ago we added Dr. Brite's "Rejuvenate" Citrus Hand Sanitizer to our list of offerings. It's 70% alcohol, with aloe and organic essential oils.

And our newest addition is Hand Rx Hand Sanitizer, with 62% alcohol.

But all this washing and sanitizing can take its toll on your skin! Are yours chafing yet?

We have an amazing product called Clearshield that protects your hands by creating a non-sticky, non-slippery, non-toxic biodegradable barrier. It helps keep your hands hydrated and soft while protecting them from the harshness of alcohol based sanitizers.

We're offering FREE curbside pickup, FREE local delivery, and FREE nationwide shipping!

Stay safe, my friends!

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1 Comment

So many types of hand sanitizers for anyone! Love how there are options!

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